The Winners

The Winners

All honest, hard working and retired people. If more people paid their taxes this could lead to a reduction in tax for everyone.

Elderly People are less likely to be conned by unscrupulous trades people

Insurance premiums would reduce with less crime

The Police would have less petty , drug related and cash related crime to solve. How does a criminal buy a firearm without cash ?

HMRC would receive and see increases with income tax , VAT and corporation tax

NHS would see less crime / drug fuelled attendees in A&E

Charities would see increased income and reduced overhead ( see Charities page )

All retailers, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants would gain from the reduction in costs and time in managing cash. Just imagine the tens of thousands of tills whose floats in supermarket alone are being counted every single day.

Banks would all make swift and immediate savings on the costs and time of issuing and keeping cash secure. Their buildings would become more customer friendly without the need for the security screens.

The Bank of England would make huge savings without having to print cash and mint coins. Counterfeiting would end.

All financial transactions would be transparent and traceable

Vending machine operators would save on cost of cash handling

Till / Cash register providers would see an increased opportunity to provide smaller cashless tills - Every inch a retailer's space is valuable.