Go Cashless Goes Crowd Funding

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Go Cashless, the not for profit campaign to end the use of cash has today launched a crowd funding initiative with Crowdfunder . More information together with a 90 second video can be seen on in the community section.
The Go Cashless Campaign promotes the end of the use of cash to make the UK a better, fairer society with less crime and a reduced black economy for which all honest hard working people pay.
Donations will be used to promote the campaign, improve the website and for social media.
Jon Levenson, Go Cashless Campaign Director says " If cash was invented today nobody would think it a good idea.
There are many new secure payment systems, with more emerging all the time. Many will suit elderly people, charities and disadvantaged people. Even children can now have bank accounts and e-pocket money.
Such is the sheer scale of unpaid tax due to the illicit use of cash that in a cashless society with dramatically more people paying tax, everyone could pay less tax.
No legislation is needed, just the willing cooperation of everybody to cease trading, saving and paying with cash".