How do we Go Cashless?

Initially stakeholders are brought in to form our Campaign Board ( see about us ) and to form a vast pressure group e.g. the stakeholders could include -

  • Banks, Building Societies and Post Offices
  • Credit Card providers
  • Credit Card sponsors (VISA / MasterCard)
  • The Association of Chief / Senior police officers / Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Retailers ( large and small )
  • NHS
  • The Payments Council
  • Politicians ( no legislation required )
  • Education leaders
  • Plus many more ( see stakeholders' page)

We then appoint a campaign team and fund raising will be important to run the campaign / pay for a small team of experts . PR/ Social Media etc.

Fundraising will be focused in four main areas -

  • Stakeholder donations
  • Donations via the GoCashless website ( see Donate page)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Philanthropic donations