Go Cashless Has Begun

Go Cashless Has Begun

These examples support the fact that legislation would not be needed to achieve a cashless society.

You can no longer use cash to travel on London buses. The results have been that Transport For London have seen reduced costs from managing cash , reduced crime against bus drivers and with contactless card payments this speeds up the the time for passengers to pay.

Other UK bus operators are considering going cashless.

All retailer and bar operators know that contactless payments instead of cash speed up the time it takes to serve a customer.

Scrap Metal dealers*, following a trial , have all agreed not to pay cash for scrap metal.

The results have included a noticeable drop in theft of metal roadsigns and more scrap merchants are paying corporation tax because their transactions are transparent and traceable.

A Premier League football club trialled only taking non-cash payments for food at one of their snack outlets. Takings increased as a result of better staff / portion management.

A major credit card organisation has an office called "The War Against Cash".

More people are using alternative payment systems to cash.

*Following the successful voluntary trial legislation came into effect in December 2012