Q - How will kids get pocket money?
A - Reloadable payment cards are available to all with no age barrier and without the need to be supported by a bank account. This will also give parents great visibility and control over children's' spending habits. Most banks now offer children older than eleven bank accounts with debit cards and a GoHenry account is available for eight year olds and above. Schools are adopting ParentPay which is a secure payment system for children to pay for school dinners and school trips/events.

Q - How will I pay my cleaner or gardener?
A - Reloadable payment cards are readily available . This will also bring some casual workers into the income tax and VAT thresholds which benefit society.

Q - How will I donate to beggars and buskers?
A - They can all be issued with electronic payment devises that will receive a contactless payment (currently on trial with some local authorities ). This will also help local authorities know who and where the homeless people are .

Q - How will I pay tunnel tolls?
A - They can easily and swiftly be paid by contactless and credit cards ( as is now common place in Europe ). Regular users can have automated payment transponders fitted ( commuters and lorries ).

Q - Will going cashless remove choice?
A - Unfortunately some people choose to be criminals , some choose to be tax cheats and the benefits of going cashless far outweigh not becoming a cashless society.

Q - Where can I get a reloadable payment card?
A - Currently available from Post Offices and will soon be available elsewhere . The Oyster Card ( for London Transport ) is easily and readily available with more towns and cities soon to follow.

Q - How do I tip a doorman or waiter?
A - It is a social point that many hotels , restaurants , bars etc need to review how they pay their staff. You can carry pre-loaded gift cards for tips . We also need to see the present high tipping recipients add this income to tax returns. Many restaurants add a service charge of 10 or 12.5% to the bill to cover tips and gratuities.

Q - What I do with cash savings under the mattress?
A - You will have until 31st December 2020 to pay your cash savings into an account or spend it.

Q - Could drug dealers simply trade in euros?
A -They would have to visit a eurozone country to spend / trade in euros thus reducing the ease and profit.

Q - If banks make huge savings by no longer needing to manage/ handle cash, how do we know these savings will be passed onto customers?
A - Banks have already said that credit and debit card interchange charges to merchants ( stores and restaurants ) could be reduced if they no longer had the cost to manage cash. Retailers can then pass these savings on to customers. There will be a sea-change of how banks operate and charge their customers in a cashless society and the FCA would monitor their activities.