Charities & Homeless People

Charities & Homeless People

Most major charities are virtually all receiving donations other than by cash.
Recent trials by Oxfam, Barnardos, NSPCC and The Royal British Legion with contactless wireless payment systems at collection boxes have proved average donations have trebled in value over cash gifts.

Cash causes problems with collection including some cash "shrinkage". Their volunteers spend much time counting coins and volunteers time could be used in more useful ways.

Donors are more likely to round up donations to whole pounds as opposed loose change giving.

Most collection static collection cans ( Poppy day etc ) are adjacent to retailer tills which easily manage contactless waive and pay / ping donations which are more efficient together with instantly arriving in the charities' bank accounts.

This will also make all charities more easily accountable to the public and Charities Commission.

Homeless people can easily be registered for and given a payment device to receive donations which could also increase their income .Local authorities would know who and where they are.

Contactless payments for homeless people will soon be trialled in the UK

Charities that currently rely on cash donations have time to adapt to new payment methods.