Buying Drugs Harder Without Cash

Monday 2nd March 2020

We have heard the harrowing and tragic reports about Glasgow's drug problem , one of the worst in Europe. Though drug use would not be totally eliminated in a cashless society , it stands to reason it would be considerably more difficult to buy and sell drugs without cash. Electronic payments by their nature are traceable and therefor the Police would be more able to catch dealers . Where those dealers still able to trade in drugs without cash it would also be easier for the authorities to prove income was being concealed if it is unaccountable. A cashless UK will be a better , safer and fairer society with far less crime which is often sadly fueled by desperate drug…

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Charities Will Prosper Going Cashless

Friday 28th February 2020

Charities will gain more income by going cashless. A year ago leading charities including the NSPCC , Royal British Legion , Barnardos and Oxfam trialed contactless donations on their collection cans . They discovered the average card donations trebled cash donations . Many people no longer carry any coins so if contactless and debit card payments are made available by charities it will mean further increased donations In addition , card payments means the money goes directly to the charities bank account thus saving valuable volunteers time counting coins . Cashless charities will be able to keep donations more securely and will suffer less 'cash shrinkage ' as sadly not all donations in cash are received by the charity. Clearly…

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Free ATM's To End In Two Years

Thursday 27th February 2020

The banking trade body , UK Finance claim the use of debit cards constantly outstrip payments using cash. Meanwhile John Howell, C.E.O. of Link , who operate the network of free to use ATMs says they are realistically only sustainable for up to two more years. To put this into perspective , while the use of cash continues to decline and new , secure payment systems keep appearing , there should be very few obstacles to becoming a cashless society soon. Cash has always been the currency of crime and tax evasion. Why should honest , hard-working people have to pay for the vast black economy and criminal activity. If everyone who should pay tax , but currently don't because of the…

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Tesco Express Store Goes Cashless

Wednesday 26th February 2020

The Tesco Express Store in High Holborn , London has now become cashless with customers paying at self-checkouts. A Tesco spokesperson has said this speeds up the payment process for shoppers. The word 'Express' being very apt and it is hoped cashless stores will be rolled out across the Tesco chain while many other store operators are watching with great interest. Waitrose already have a cashless store in West London. The use of cash is dropping like a stone as more people recognise how easy , simple and secure it is to pay without bank notes and coins. Cash is becoming more difficult to obtain as bank branches close and free ATMs are decreasing so the move to a cashless society is inevitable.

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Harry Styles And The Access To Cash Review

Wednesday 19th February 2020

In today's Daily Telegraph in an article by Sam Barker and Tom Rees , The Access to Cash Review says the UK is at the tipping point of becoming a cashless society within ten years. It also states that Rishi Sunak , the Chancellor , must bring in legislation to force banks to ensure cash is available. This would be a huge mistake. Meanwhile , in the news , Harry Styles has been robbed of cash at knife point in the street . As the Go Cashless campaign constantly states cash is the currency of crime and the black economy. The UK will be a far safer and fairer society without cash with far less crime and more people paying their fair share of…

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Sweden Is Almost Cashless

Tuesday 18th February 2020

It is great to hear cashless progress in other countries and Sweden is almost a cash-free society. Harry de Quetteville , in a recent Daily Telegraph article describes how the majority of Swedish people can't even remember the last time they used cash. Ikea stores and even the Abba museum , among many others have gone cashless. Recent polls in Sweden indicate 75% of people don't miss cash. There is growing use of new technology with the Swish app for payments and thousands of people are fitting the palm implant , RFID chip , allowing users to pay with the swipe of their hand. The article also reports how many countries , over 40 , are developing their own state digital currencies. Here…

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White Thursday

Monday 17th February 2020

The previous blog about trying a day ( or longer ) without using cash has struck quite a chord ! Let's all make Thursdays every week "White Thursday" and not use cash at all on that day. The naming of it as WHITE is because the vast illegal use of cash by many people supports the so-called 'Black Economy'. The black economy steals billions of pounds every year from honest , hard-working people and it is now no longer sustainable. The black economy is a double-whammy for honest people because criminals hiding behind cash and not paying their fair share of tax , are also using our public services too - the NHS , schools etc. If everyone who should pay income tax…

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Cards International Article About Going Cashless

Friday 14th February 2020

In this months Cards International magazine ( ) reporter Evie Rusman engages very well with several organisations including the Go Cashless campaign to look at some of the issues surrounding the UK going cashless. In the article it is clear that electronic payments are becoming much more commonplace than cash. The main concern appears to be that elderly people may feel excluded in a cashless society. Some still prefer to pay with cash and cheques and therefore we need to help and educate people to use new technology. Most people including elderly people have embraced mobile phones which also have payment technology . State pensions are paid electronically and most people are au fait with internet banking , shopping and using…

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Now Brexit Is Done Let's Go Cashless

Thursday 13th February 2020

Dear readers Our Go Cashless Campaign has got going full steam ahead now the news is no longer dominated by Brexit. A cashless society , with dramatically more people paying tax , would boost the UK economy by at least £20 billion each year. This could pay for HS2 and create more funding for our essential public services. The sheer scale of the illicit use of cash to avoid paying income tax and VAT means that a cashless UK will be a better , fairer society with far less crime . Why should only honest and hardworking people pay tax ? Taxpayers are subsidising the so-called Black Economy and going cashless would bring this to an end. The time is right as we have…

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Free ATM's Closing

Wednesday 6th March 2019

We constantly hear in the news about more and more free ATM's closing . Cash is never free - the cost is massive and all honest , hard-working people are paying for it. The truth is cash is the currency of criminals and tax cheats and its use is no longer sustainable. We now have many new , secure payment systems instead of cash which suit everyone , every business , charities , children , elderly people and disadvantaged people . A cashless UK will be a better and fairer society with far less crime together with far more people paying their taxes. The so-called "black economy " is subsidised by tax payers and without cash it would virtually…

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