Post Office Setting Sail In Wrong Direction

Monday 7th June 2021

In today's Daily Telegraph , Nick Read , Post Office Chief Executive , is quoted as saying cash is a necessity for millions of people. Do you know what , he is right ! Millions of people depend on cash to evade tax , buy drugs , support crime , support the black economy and are stealing from all honest, hard-working people who pay their fair share of tax. Without cash the UK would see an annual economic boost of at least £20 billion.
There are now many safe and secure payment systems to suit everyone , every business , charities , children , elderly people and disadvantaged people.
Cash is no longer sustainable and if invented today nobody would think it is a good idea.
It is incorrect to say elderly people cannot manage without cash. Pensioners no longer visit the Post Office to get their pension book stamped and paid out in cash. State pensions are paid directly into bank accounts and then mostly spent electronically in a variety of ways.
Instead of legislation to protect cash we should be proposing legislation to end the use of cash and the huge economic and social benefits will be seen by all.
There would be far less crime easing pressure on the police and criminal justice system. There would be vast increases of people paying their share of income taxes and VAT enabling more funds to support our essential public services especially the NHS and the Police.
In the same way as giving up taking sugar in your tea , after a few days you never need it again. Let's all try a few days without cash and the same will happen. What a nuisance getting cash is , finding a free ATM , making a special trip in the rain , worrying about being mugged . Now is the time for a cashless UK which would be far safer and fairer society.