Poppy Appeal Goes Contactless

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Following successful trials with contactless payments instead of coin slots in cans , whereby many charities including The Royal British Legion , found average contactless donations were treble that of cash , this year's Poppy Appeal will roll-out a far wider use of contactless payments systems.
In addition to the increase in average donations , charities will see donations going directly into their bank account , thus saving valuable volunteer's time counting coins. Non-cash donations will also ensure far less cash-shrinkage occurs.
More and more people , especially those fearful of cash spreading Coronavirus , are carrying less cash. We now have many new , safe and secure payment systems to suit everyone and every business , we just no longer need bank notes and coins.
Such is the vast illegal use of cash to evade tax in the black economy , without cash , the UK would see an annual economic boost of at least £20 billion if everyone who should pay tax actually did. Currently honest , hard working people are subsidising the black economy and it is no longer sustainable to have cash in our lives.
A cashless UK would be a better , fairer and safer society with dramatically more funds available for our essential public services.