Fuzzy Logic Launches App To Increase Charitable Donations

Friday 21st August 2020

Fuzzy Logic Ltd. have just launched a ground-breaking App to enable charities to receive donations more easily . The timing is spot-on as many charities report declining income partly because of the virus and partly because people carry less notes and coins as more of us prefer not to use cash at all.
The App is provided free to charities and branded in the charity's name . It is potentially a game-changer for charities and donors .
The interest in the App has been tremendous as the average donations are far higher when cash is not used.
More and more people are now making payments and managing their finances with mobile phones making this App even more relevant and useful.
Several major charities including NSPCC , Oxfam , The Royal British Legion and Barnardos trialed using contactless payment 'cans' and discovered the average donation was treble the amount using cash.
The other benefits of the Fuzzy Logic App are - saving volunteers time collecting and counting coins, the money goes directly into the charities' bank accounts , and there is little room for 'cash shrinkage'.
The Go Cashless campaign fully supports and endorses this App and urges everyone to visit
A cashless UK will be a fairer , safer society with far less crime and more people contributing their share of taxes .
Great Britain without cash will see an annual economic boost of at least £20 billion.