TSB Lead The Way To Cashless UK

Tuesday 11th August 2020

TSB have announced their branches will soon no longer have cashiers as the use and need for cash spirals downwards. Many people heeded the W.H.O recommendation not to use bank notes or coins as it is a potential Coronavirus spreader. The use of ATMs has halved during the pandemic.
Cash has been the currency of criminals and tax cheats and costing the UK economy over £20 billion every year. We now have many new secure payment systems to suit everyone , every business , charities , elderly people , children and disadvantaged people so we no longer need cash.
If everyone who should pay tax that currently don't because of the illicit use of cash , the UK would be a far better , safer and fairer society together with a vast economic boost without cash.
A cashless society would be greener , cleaner and and see a huge crime reduction thus easing the burden on the police , prisons and the criminal justice system.
During the lockdown , when the Chancellor supported self employed people by way of assessing their previous filed tax returns , this , thankfully , caught out many of those people existing within the black economy by using cash to evade tax.
Honest , hard-working people have been subsidising the 'Dark Economy' for far too long.
For cash - The End Is Nigh , thanks to many people and businesses including TSB who are showing the way.