Marianna Hunt Tries Cash Only

Saturday 14th March 2020

In an article in today's Daily Telegraph , Marianna Hunt , one of their staff writers , decides to try going cash-only instead of using her plastic cards. She clearly exposes the pointlessness in her trial , especially flying in the face of World Health Organisation's recommendation of ditching cash during the Corona Virus epidemic , with bank notes and coins being potential disease spreaders.
Marianna states the obvious that cash is inconvenient to acquire , difficult to use and no longer the payment of choice of many businesses.
Cash does remain the currency of choice for criminals and cash supports the black economy for which all hard working , honest people pay .
Marianna is clearly looking down the wrong end of the telescope yet she does prove the point that cash is no longer sustainable.
Marianna's rebel stance is of course admirable though sadly she needs to embrace the inevitable that cash needs to be consigned to history.
A cashless UK will be a better , safer , fairer and more secure society with far less crime and far more people paying their fair share of tax and thus boosting the economy each year by £20 billion.
Come on Marianna , jump ship and join in with the many who believe in progress.