Charities Will Prosper Going Cashless

Friday 28th February 2020

Charities will gain more income by going cashless. A year ago leading charities including the NSPCC , Royal British Legion , Barnardos and Oxfam trialed contactless donations on their collection cans . They discovered the average card donations trebled cash donations .
Many people no longer carry any coins so if contactless and debit card payments are made available by charities it will mean further increased donations
In addition , card payments means the money goes directly to the charities bank account thus saving valuable volunteers time counting coins . Cashless charities will be able to keep donations more securely and will suffer less 'cash shrinkage ' as sadly not all donations in cash are received by the charity.
Clearly a cashless society will have far more benefits in addition to being a fairer society with more people paying tax and a safer society with far less crime.