Free ATM's To End In Two Years

Thursday 27th February 2020

The banking trade body , UK Finance claim the use of debit cards constantly outstrip payments using cash. Meanwhile John Howell, C.E.O. of Link , who operate the network of free to use ATMs says they are realistically only sustainable for up to two more years.
To put this into perspective , while the use of cash continues to decline and new , secure payment systems keep appearing , there should be very few obstacles to becoming a cashless society soon.
Cash has always been the currency of crime and tax evasion. Why should honest , hard-working people have to pay for the vast black economy and criminal activity.
If everyone who should pay tax , but currently don't because of the illicit use of cash , actually did pay tax in a cashless society , then the UK economy would be boosted by £20 billion every year.
A cashless UK would be a better and fairer society with far less crime.