Harry Styles And The Access To Cash Review

Wednesday 19th February 2020

In today's Daily Telegraph in an article by Sam Barker and Tom Rees , The Access to Cash Review says the UK is at the tipping point of becoming a cashless society within ten years.
It also states that Rishi Sunak , the Chancellor , must bring in legislation to force banks to ensure cash is available. This would be a huge mistake.
Meanwhile , in the news , Harry Styles has been robbed of cash at knife point in the street .
As the Go Cashless campaign constantly states cash is the currency of crime and the black economy.
The UK will be a far safer and fairer society without cash with far less crime and more people paying their fair share of tax.
Currently only hard-working and honest people pay tax because cash funds the black economy . The UK economy would be boosted by at least £20 billion every year in a cashless society.
Crime would dramatically be reduced and those who currently fail to pay tax would at last have to pay their fair share .
An annual £20 billion economic boost would help increase funding for our essential public services while the pressure on prisons , the police and criminal justice system would be greatly reduced because of far less crime in a cashless society.
Many people are concerned elderly people and disadvantaged people would suffer without cash , yet we now have many new , secure payment systems to suit everyone and of course we must help educate people to use them.
Cash is just no longer sustainable . Those who say the use of cash should be a matter of choice , should consider that unfortunately far too many people choose to use cash for illegal purposes .
The Telegraph article points out that thousands upon thousands of people no longer have access to ATMs while bank branches are also closing. These people are not starving , many are finding ways to live their lives without cash .
If cash was invented today nobody would think it was a good idea.