Sweden Is Almost Cashless

Tuesday 18th February 2020

It is great to hear cashless progress in other countries and Sweden is almost a cash-free society.
Harry de Quetteville , in a recent Daily Telegraph article describes how the majority of Swedish people can't even remember the last time they used cash. Ikea stores and even the Abba museum , among many others have gone cashless. Recent polls in Sweden indicate 75% of people don't miss cash.
There is growing use of new technology with the Swish app for payments and thousands of people are fitting the palm implant , RFID chip , allowing users to pay with the swipe of their hand.
The article also reports how many countries , over 40 , are developing their own state digital currencies.
Here in the UK , we should start to take seriously the concept of a cashless UK . It is better to embrace the inevitable rather than resist it.
While cash is the currency of crime and tax cheats , it means honest-hard-working people are footing the huge cost of the black economy and crime.
A cashless society will be a far better , fairer and safer place without cash. The UK economy would see a £20 billion boost every year if those who should pay tax , but currently don't , actually did.