White Thursday

Monday 17th February 2020

The previous blog about trying a day ( or longer ) without using cash has struck quite a chord !
Let's all make Thursdays every week "White Thursday" and not use cash at all on that day.
The naming of it as WHITE is because the vast illegal use of cash by many people supports the so-called 'Black Economy'.
The black economy steals billions of pounds every year from honest , hard-working people and it is now no longer sustainable.
The black economy is a double-whammy for honest people because criminals hiding behind cash and not paying their fair share of tax , are also using our public services too - the NHS , schools etc.
If everyone who should pay income tax , corporation tax and VAT actually did pay then the UK economy would see a boost of at least £20 billion every year. This could go towards increased funding for our essential public services.
So , come on everybody that still uses cash , let's give White Thursday a go !