Cards International Article About Going Cashless

Friday 14th February 2020

In this months Cards International magazine ( ) reporter Evie Rusman engages very well with several organisations including the Go Cashless campaign to look at some of the issues surrounding the UK going cashless.
In the article it is clear that electronic payments are becoming much more commonplace than cash.
The main concern appears to be that elderly people may feel excluded in a cashless society.
Some still prefer to pay with cash and cheques and therefore we need to help and educate people to use new technology.
Most people including elderly people have embraced mobile phones which also have payment technology . State pensions are paid electronically and most people are au fait with internet banking , shopping and using the internet to keep in touch with relatives , especially grand children.
Everyone can have their own cashless 'free trial '. Try for a day , a week , a month and see how easy it can be. Quitting cash is far easier than quitting smoking or loosing a few pounds ( in weight ) .
Obtaining cash can be a burden in itself. Finding a free to use ATM in foul weather , parking near a bank , all time consuming errands which can be pointless when there are now so many new , secure , simple alternatives to cash.
The UK will be a better , safer and fairer society without cash because cash is the currency of criminals and tax thieves for which all honest , hard-working people pay.
Due to the huge illegal use of cash to evade paying tax the UK economy is loosing out on £20 billion each year. , money that could be spent on our essential public services.