Now Brexit Is Done Let's Go Cashless

Thursday 13th February 2020

Dear readers
Our Go Cashless Campaign has got going full steam ahead now the news is no longer dominated by Brexit.
A cashless society , with dramatically more people paying tax , would boost the UK economy by at least £20 billion each year. This could pay for HS2 and create more funding for our essential public services.
The sheer scale of the illicit use of cash to avoid paying income tax and VAT means that a cashless UK will be a better , fairer society with far less crime . Why should only honest and hardworking people pay tax ? Taxpayers are subsidising the so-called Black Economy and going cashless would bring this to an end.
The time is right as we have so many new and secure payment methods to use instead of cash.
There are payment systems to suit everyone , every business , charities , elderly people , children , overseas visitors and disadvantage people.
Cash is the currency of choice for criminals and tax cheats ( who are also criminals ) .
Sure , cash is still used by many honest people yet we need to help them move away from its use.
Cash is no longer viable or sustainable and if invented today nobody would think it was a good idea.
A cashless society would instantly reduce crime and therefore ease the pressure on prisons , the police and the criminal justice system.
The reduction in ATMs would cease to be a problem especially in rural communities where in many areas the Post Office provide most commonly used banking services.
Let's get a cashless society done !