London Buskers Go Cashless

Sunday 27th May 2018

Buskers in London are going to accept contactless payments in the world's first scheme of its kind ( report in the Sunday Telegraph). A full-time busker, Charlotte Campbell, has successfully trialled the project and claimed to have had a significant increase in income. She is quoted as saying she believes if street performers don't adapt to the cashless society to which we are heading, then they risk becoming a dying art.
Less people now carry cash, especially small change and therefore it makes sense for all street vendors and buskers to embrace new technology.
The Busk in London initiative has been set up by Sadiq Khan , the Mayor of London with the technology company iZettle. Sadiq Khan is quoted as saying that more Londoners will be able to show their support for the capitals' brilliant, talented street performers.
iZettle will also make their card reader system available for charities and small businesses.
The Go Cashless campaign has previously blogged about leading charities, Oxfam, NSPCC and Royal British Legion having trialled contactless payments with average donations being treble those of cash.
Cash is no longer sustainable: it is expensive to manage and is the currency of tax evaders and criminals while supporting a vast black economy for which all honest, hard-working people pay.
We now have a variety of new, secure payment systems to suit everyone including children, elderly and disadvantaged people.
Well done Charlotte Campbell and good luck to all street performers who are clearly embracing the arrival of the cashless UK which will be a better sand fairer society for all.