Reduce Crime And Give Police And Prison Staff Pay Rises

Tuesday 10th April 2018

The news over the last few days has included the rising crime rate especially burglaries which are all too often unsolved. Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary and other politicians have been "wheeled out" to try and stem the news hysteria.
The easiest way to reduce crime is for the the UK to go cashless. Cash is the currency of crime and cash fuels increasing crime levels. The simple truth is we no longer need cash in our lives. We now have many new, secure payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people. Some people say cash gives more choice but sadly far too many now choose to use cash for illegal purposes. Some people say they like cash as Big Brother doesn't know about their spending habits. Big Brother is already here, listening to our calls and looking at our texts so honest people having nothing further to fear from a cashless society. In fact all honest, hard-working people , who currently subsidise the so-called black economy will be far better off in a cashless UK. Due to the sheer scale of tax evasion and crime because of the illicit use of cash that in a cashless society where everyone who should pay tax actually did pay, then the UK would see an economic boost of at least £20 billion every year. This would provide more funding for our essential public services including the police, prisons , the NHS and education.
Cash is no longer sustainable and no longer necessary. A cashless UK will be a better and fairer society with far less crime.