Barrister's Strike Wouldn't Happen In A Cashless Society

Friday 30th March 2018

The CBA (Criminal Bar Association) chairman, Angela Rafferty QC, is quoted in today's Daily Telegraph as saying relentless cuts have caused the criminal justice system to be in chaos.
The CBA has warned the prisons, the courts, the police and the probation service are so badly underfunded it is leading to the planned barrister's strike.
Cash is the currency of crime and criminals and tax cheats. We now have many new, secure payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people. Such is the sheer scale of crime that in a cashless society there would be an immediately noticeable crime reduction which would be a vast benefit to the entire criminal justice system.
Due to the enormous size of unpaid taxes, largely made possible by the illicit use of cash, that in a cashless society, with dramatically more people paying tax, the UK economy would see an annual economic boost of at least £20 billion. This could help fund our essential public services, providing pay rises for police and prison officers.
Why should only hard-working people pay tax? Cash is no longer sustainable and no longer needed. A cashless UK would be a far better, fairer society with far less crime.