Copper Coins And Fifty Pound Notes

Thursday 15th March 2018

There is now a growing doubt over the need for copper coins and a belief that £50 notes are mostly just used for tax evasion purposes.
The truth is all cash is the currency of choice for tax cheats and criminals. We now have so many new, secure payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people we no longer need cash in our lives.
If everyone who should pay tax, that currently don't because of their illicit use of cash, a cashless UK would gain an economic boost of at least £20 billion every year and suffer far less crime.
Why should only hard-working, honest people pay tax?. Cash is no longer sustainable and though some people may say cash is a currency of choice, far too many people choose to use cash for illegal purposes.
Let's all make a commitment to avoid using cash and get in the cashless habit right now. The UK will be a better and fairer society without cash in our lives together with increased funding for essential public services.
Less crime will reduce the pressure on police, the prisons and the entire criminal justice system.