BBC Breakfast - Is The Financial Times Turning A Blind Eye To Tax Evasion ?

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

On Today's BBC Breakfast programme Claer Barrett, the F.T. Personal Finance Editor was interviewed about the benefits of contactless payments. At the end of the interview Barrett told BBC viewers that some cash would always be needed to pay cleaners and gardeners as those payments wouldn't want to be traced. Is the FT turning a blind eye to tax evasion ? The simple fact is cash is the currency of tax cheats and criminals. Why should only honest, hard working people pay tax? In a cashless society, with dramatically more people paying tax it would be a fairer and better place without honest people having to subsidise tax cheats and criminals. We now have many new, secure payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities,…

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Ken Barlow Burns Drug Cash In Coronation Street

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

In last night's episode of Coronation Street, in the closing scene, Ken Barlow set alight the cash his son Adam had made out of a drug deal with cocaine. ( Apologies to any viewer who is yet to see the episode !) Cash is the currency of drug dealers, all criminals including terrorists and tax fraudsters for which all honest, hard-working people pay. We no longer need cash as we have a variety of new, secure and traceable payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people. In a cashless society the UK would see a dramatic reduction in crime which in turn would ease the pressure on the police, prison, prison staff and the whole criminal justice system. How…

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The Budget Would Have Been Far Better In A Cashless Society

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

In today's budget, Phillip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, would have had an additional £20 billion to spend on essential public services and reduce the tax burden for everyone in a cashless UK. Cash is the currency of tax fraud, tax cheats, criminals and terrorists and we no longer need it. Such is the sheer scale of unpaid tax due to the illicit use of cash there will be dramatically more people paying tax, not just honest hard-working people when we become a cash-free UK. There are many new secure payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people and a cashless society will be a better, fairer UK with less crime, more funding for the NHS, the…

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£1million Of Criminal's Cash Found In Taxi

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

In today's Daily Telegraph, Harry Yorke reports on the huge amounts of cash being used by criminals. In the last two years alone, The Metropolitan Police confiscated a staggering £73 million in cash from criminals. Recently nearly £1m in bank notes was found in a holdall on the passenger seat of a taxi. Currently The Criminal Finance Bill is making progress to add weight to the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act. This new Bill, when enacted, will give The Police greater powers to tackle many aspects of crime including money laundering activities. The Go Cashless Campaign promotes how cash is the currency of criminals and tax fraudsters and we no longer need cash. There are many new, secure payment systems…

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£20 Billion Windfall Every Year

Friday, February 10th, 2017

What could the Government achieve with an annual £20 Billion windfall ? More funding for the NHS and other essential public services including education, prisons, the police, and much more would be possible, even reducing income tax for everyone. The Government can have this vast windfall without having to pass any legislation. It only requires the willing cooperation of everyone to cease paying, trading and saving cash. A cashless society will instantly produce huge economic and social benefits for everyone except for criminals and tax cheats who function within the black economy. We now have many new payment systems to use instead of cash which will suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people. Cash is the currency of…

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My Voice Is My Password HSBC And HMRC

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

HSBC are running a TV commercial promoting voice recognition instead of using a password for telephone banking. It is a brilliant service and uses great technology which has also been adopted by HMRC. It is almost impossible to replicate a voice-print and saves having to remember a password which most people do not change as often as they should, if at all. For us to become a cashless society and gain all the huge economic and social benefits, we must have new, secure payment systems in place in which everyone has confidence. Voice recognition is now in use and so too is fingerprint technology with ParentPay at schools with FingoPay soon to be available which uses 3D images of the veins in…

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Bank Branch Closures Could Be Reversed In A Cashless UK

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Everyday we hear about banks closing branches as they attempt to push their customers towards on line banking, apps and telephone banking at their overseas call centres. Traditionally banks have been substantial buildings designed to keep cash secure on the premises with bullet proof screens to protect their staff from hold-ups. It is clear to all that banks would ideally close all branches and for those people who still need access to cash can visit an ATM for which it is possible they will soon no longer be free to use. In a cashless UK, banks could become customer friendly places where customers and staff can sit together and discuss a mortgage application or a loan. Banks could have branch desks…

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World-Wide Growth in Cashless Payments

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The news from around the world is the use of cash is in decline and electronic payments are growing. Recent figures show 80% of all USA transactions are cashless. India is going cashless starting on their national railways. South Korea will go completely cashless in less than four years. Cash is hardly used at all in Norway while France, Canada and Sweden report similar falls in the use of cash. While cash still exists it remains the currency of criminals and tax cheats which means honest, hard-working people are picking up the cost of crime and the tax deficits of the black economy. Cash criminals need cash while the rest of us do not. We now have many new, secure payment systems to…

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Charities Get Boost From Cashless Boxes- Sunday Telegrpah

Monday, January 30th, 2017

In yesterday's Sunday Telegraph James Titcomb reports on successful trials carried out by charities including Oxfam, Barnardos, the Royal British Legion and NSPCC using contactless donation technology fitted to boxes with wireless receivers to replace cash. In these trials it was found that people donated three times the average when using the cashless system. The Go Cashless Campaign has always been promoting how charities benefit from going cashless and there are several gains to be made.1) People will donate more than a few coins and more often as some people who don't have any coins in their pocket may feel a £5 banknote is more than they wish to donate. 2) The donations are immediately transferred to the charity's bank…

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Going Cashless Will Pay For HS2

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

We hear today many people question the wisdom of HS2 because of the cost and there maybe a House of Lords attempt to block its progress. The huge economic benefits of a cashless society would mean the cost of building HS2 could easily be met. Cash is the currency of the black economy whereby tax cheats, fraudster and criminals evade paying income tax and VAT because of their illicit use of cash. Due to the sheer scale of unpaid tax because of the illegal use of cash, that in a cashless society with dramatically more people paying tax, then the increase of tax payments received by the treasury could amount to £20 billion each year, more than enough to pay for HS2, provide…

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