Post Office Setting Sail In Wrong Direction

Monday 7th June 2021

In today's Daily Telegraph , Nick Read , Post Office Chief Executive , is quoted as saying cash is a necessity for millions of people. Do you know what , he is right ! Millions of people depend on cash to evade tax , buy drugs , support crime , support the black economy and are stealing from all honest, hard-working people who pay their fair share of tax. Without cash the UK would see an annual economic boost of at least £20 billion. There are now many safe and secure payment systems to suit everyone , every business , charities , children , elderly people and disadvantaged people. Cash is no longer sustainable and if invented today nobody…

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Why Legislate To Protect The Black Economy ?

Friday 4th December 2020

Labour's Yvonne Fovargue , is reported in today's Daily Telegraph , to be urging the Government to legislate to protect cash. Cash is the currency of criminals , tax cheats and supports The Black Economy for which all hard-working , honest , tax paying people are paying. Cash is no longer needed and the use of bank notes and coins is decreasing. We now have a variety of secure payment systems to suit everyone , every business , charities , elderly people , children and disadvantaged people. If everyone , who currently evades tax by the illicit us of cash , did pay their fair share of tax , then a cashless UK would see at least a £20 billion yearly boost to…

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Simple Economic Boost For The Chancellor

Sunday 11th October 2020

While there are many varying ideas and suggestions circulating of how the Chancellor can pay for the Government's handling of the Coronavirus , there is one simple suggestion. If the UK becomes a cashless society , this would give an annual economic boost of at least £20 billion and make Britain a fairer and safer society with far less crime. Due to the sheer scale of Tax and VAT evasion by the illicit use of cash , if those who should pay tax , actual;y did , the financial benefits for all of us would be vast. Currently hard-working and honest people are subsidising the 'black economy ' though of course there are also people who , just as honest , prefer cash. Unfortunately…

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Poppy Appeal Goes Contactless

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Following successful trials with contactless payments instead of coin slots in cans , whereby many charities including The Royal British Legion , found average contactless donations were treble that of cash , this year's Poppy Appeal will roll-out a far wider use of contactless payments systems. In addition to the increase in average donations , charities will see donations going directly into their bank account , thus saving valuable volunteer's time counting coins. Non-cash donations will also ensure far less cash-shrinkage occurs. More and more people , especially those fearful of cash spreading Coronavirus , are carrying less cash. We now have many new , safe and secure payment systems to suit everyone and every business , we just no longer need…

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Fuzzy Logic Launches App To Increase Charitable Donations

Friday 21st August 2020

Fuzzy Logic Ltd. have just launched a ground-breaking App to enable charities to receive donations more easily . The timing is spot-on as many charities report declining income partly because of the virus and partly because people carry less notes and coins as more of us prefer not to use cash at all. The App is provided free to charities and branded in the charity's name . It is potentially a game-changer for charities and donors . The interest in the App has been tremendous as the average donations are far higher when cash is not used. More and more people are now making payments and managing their finances with mobile phones making this App even more relevant and useful. Several major charities…

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TSB Lead The Way To Cashless UK

Tuesday 11th August 2020

TSB have announced their branches will soon no longer have cashiers as the use and need for cash spirals downwards. Many people heeded the W.H.O recommendation not to use bank notes or coins as it is a potential Coronavirus spreader. The use of ATMs has halved during the pandemic. Cash has been the currency of criminals and tax cheats and costing the UK economy over £20 billion every year. We now have many new secure payment systems to suit everyone , every business , charities , elderly people , children and disadvantaged people so we no longer need cash. If everyone who should pay tax that currently don't because of the illicit use of cash , the UK would be…

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Unfair Credit Card Charges

Thursday 6th August 2020

It is vital to ensure payment systems are secure and fair with terms and conditions clearly explained as we head towards a cashless society. Some credit card providers including HSBC are being rather punitive when it comes to paying the monthly card statement. If the minimum payment is paid then the amount of interest charged on the unpaid balance is explained. If the entire monthly balance is paid by the due date then no interest charges occur. Where the unfairness happens is when more than the minimum payment is made though less than the full amount is paid by the due date. In this instance interest is charged on the full statement amount , even if only a tiny amount of…

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Contactless Payment Limit To Be Raised

Tuesday 31st March 2020

At last the upper level of contactless card payments is to be raised from £30 per purchase to £45. This will of course help reduce the times pin numbers have to be entered and lessen the need to use cash. Notes and coins , according to the World Health Organisation , can spread Coronavirus made especially worse because tracing the cash spend-point origination is difficult. Touching pin machines is also a potential disease spreader. The reason both Mastercard and Visa have to set limits on contactless payments is because if a card is lost or stolen , the financial loss is limited to about five times the upper limit. After a few contactless payments are made the card still…

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Marianna Hunt Tries Cash Only

Saturday 14th March 2020

In an article in today's Daily Telegraph , Marianna Hunt , one of their staff writers , decides to try going cash-only instead of using her plastic cards. She clearly exposes the pointlessness in her trial , especially flying in the face of World Health Organisation's recommendation of ditching cash during the Corona Virus epidemic , with bank notes and coins being potential disease spreaders. Marianna states the obvious that cash is inconvenient to acquire , difficult to use and no longer the payment of choice of many businesses. Cash does remain the currency of choice for criminals and cash supports the black economy for which all hard working , honest people pay . Marianna is clearly looking down the wrong…

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World Health Organisation Says Use Contactless Instead Of Cash

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

In Bill Gardner's Daily Telegraph article The World Health Organisation (WHO) says bank notes and coins could spread Covid-19 and people should wash their hands after touching currency to avoid the Coronavirus infection. China and Korea have started disinfecting currency though the Bank of England has no plans for this. A WHO source said It would be far better to avoid using cash altogether and use contactless payments instead to reduce the risk of transmitting the desease. The Go Cashless campaign has always claimed cash is dirty and presents an everyday hygiene problem. Though Go Cashless would not wish to make any 'mileage' out of this dreadful world-wide epidemic one must consider the potential to reduce the spread of…

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