Coin Cash Chaos

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

It has all gone horribly wrong for the Bank of England in getting a universally acceptable approach to the old pound coin no longer being in use and the new pound coin working in tens of thousands of parking meters and vending machines across the UK. The cost of introducing the new coin by the Bank of England paled into insignificance compared to the overall costs for councils and vending machine operators to change or update their equipment to enable acceptance of the new shape coin while in many cases, still being able to accept the old pound coin too until last Monday during the period of both coins being in circulation and legal tender. Consumers are faced with problems…

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End Of Round Pound Heralds End Of Cash

Monday, October 16th, 2017

The Bank of England, having had huge problems with the recent issue washable, plastic five pound note, now face a backlash from retailers and vendors about the new one pound coin. The problem is not the new shape or the new materials used in their manufacture. The problem is cash itself. Cash is attractive for counterfeiting and cash is attractive to criminals including tax thieves operating within the so-called black economy. The Bank of England suffer huge losses from forgery especially in the larger denominations of bank notes. If the Bank of England withdrew £50, £20 and £10 notes from being legal tender this would make life for criminals, money launderers, drug dealers and tax thieves very difficult. The Bank of England has…

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They Brought The World Abba, Volvo And Soon Sweden Goes Cashless

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Sweden is leading Europe by announcing the country will be cashless from March 24th 2023, just over 5 years from now. Volvo are famous for reliability and safety, Abba could always be relied upon to deliver great pop music with very broad appeal so is no surprise to hear Sweden will be the first European country to become cashless. Like the United Kingdom, Sweden also has a huge black economy where the illegal use of cash by tax thieves are evading paying tax. Like the UK, Sweden has a criminal culture dependent on cash. Like the UK, Swedish people also believe it isn't fair that only honest, hard-working people pay tax. Like the UK, Sweden has charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people who…

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The Steps Towards A Cashless Society

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

As we surely and steadily head towards becoming a cashless society there are a few small steps to take which would make the process simple and painless. We all know the huge economic and social benefits of going cashless would bring an annual boost to the UK finances by at least £20 billion thus providing more funds for our essential public services or even paying for Brexit. Tax thieves working in the so-called black economy who depend on the illicit use of cash for tax evasion purposes would then contribute to the UK economy. Far less cash-driven crime would occur reducing pressure on the police, prisons and the criminal justice system. Here are some simple steps we can take…

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A Free Brexit Bill By Going Cashless

Friday, September 29th, 2017

A cashless UK would have an annual economic boost of over £20 billion which would easily pay the Brexit bill thus leaving more funds available for the NHS and other essential public services. In a cashless society there will be dramatically more people contributing to income tax and VAT because the illicit use of cash by tax thieves and criminals will be halted overnight. Why should only honest, hard-working people pay tax? Cash is the currency of crime and the black economy. We now have many new, secure payment systems to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people. Every time somebody cheats on paying or evading tax by the illegal use of cash they are stealing from all of us. Let's…

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Fingopay Is The Latest In Secure Payments For Shoppers

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

The latest technology, developed by Sthaler called Fingopay is now in use in a Costcutter store and soon to be rolled out to many other retailers. In an an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Simon Binns, Sthaler's Commecial Director, said that there is no known evidence where this security has been breached. The scanner ( in the store) checks you are alive by checking for a pulse and checks for haemoglobin.. The vein pattern in your finger is secure because it is kept on an a database in an encrypted form. Worldpay Uk's Director of Technology Innovation, Nick Telford-Reed has also endorsed this ground-breaking technology. No credit or debit cards needed, just your finger. This gives a great confidence boost…

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Good Citizens Should Stop Paying Cash-In-Hand

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Matthew Taylor, who is Theresa May's employment adviser has suggested paying cash-in-hand for employment is costing the UK £6billion a year through tax cheating and good citizens should stop this practice. He has criticised people for paying tradesmen in cash to obtain discounts because this can often lead to VAT fraud. Meanwhile, David Green from the think tank Civitas has said any attempts to discourage cash is "overkill" according to an article in today's Daily Telegraph by Jack Maidment and Christopher Hope. David Green maybe missing the point that cash is also the currency of criminals and terrorists in addition to tax and VAT fraudsters. If cash had been invented today nobody would think it was a good idea as we now have…

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Doctors In Cash For Drugs Scandal

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Drug companies are giving GPs more cash and hospitality than ever rising to £116 million in 2016 according to Henry Bodkin's article in the Daily Telegraph (1st July). Some Doctors voluntarily declare these "gifts" with Disclosure UK though over a third of GPs do not disclose the amounts. This information has been released by the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). These inducements ( bribes) are aimed at encouraging medical staff to prescribe the brand of the drug manufacturer which is often a more expensive version than would normally be used. This is a shocking state of affairs and while the vast majority of Doctors and medical staff are brilliantly committed to caring for people, clearly many are "at it"! This is a potential…

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Bank Of England Distributes More Cash For Criminals

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

The Bank of England reports increases in the issuing of cash despite the rising use of non-cash payment mechanisms. Contactless, mobile and App based payments are rising rapidly and if there exists a shortage of cash it is probably because cash is the currency of criminals, cash is the currency of tax cheats and cash is the currency of terrorists. Although the increased demand on cash could be because it is being saved there is little evidence this is the case. We no longer need cash as there are many new,secure payment methods to suit everyone, every business, charities, children, elderly and disadvantaged people. A cashless society would be fairer, more secure and with far less crime. Such is the sheer scale of…

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Church To Follow Charities' Success With Contactless Donations

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Olivia Rudgard reports in today's Sunday Telegraph the Church of England will roll-out a trial using contactless payment mechanisms to replace the collection plate. Church leaders recognise the decline in the use of cash and are inspired by recent successful trials by leading charities. The Go Cashless campaign has always maintained people would be more generous with contactless payment donations rather than putting cash in a can. As predicted by this campaign Oxfam, NSPCC, Barnarados and The Royal British Legion all proved people donated three times more on average using contactless payment methods as opposed to cash. This also saves the time of counting and managing cash, prevents cash "shrinkage" and means the donations go instantly into the charities bank. No wonder the Church of…

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